Championship Rounds

The Championship Rounds (CR's) movement disorder program, located in the CR's Center, provides an atmosphere of camaraderie and care necessary to help our athletes feel comfortable and hopeful. 

Our program is open to individuals with neurological conditions as well as those with disorders adversely affecting their daily lives, like arthritis, stroke, depression and PTSD. Individuals become gym members and are athletes, not patients.  They train with and are coached by highly accomplished amateur and professional athletes, as well as certified athletic trainers and physical therapists. 

As research reveals more information about the brain's ability to heal itself, we have become more aware of the importance of exercise and strength training in the process. Our program provides comprehensive, multi-tasking boxing drills, balance and fall prevention drills, carefully designed strength and calisthenics training and other techniques designed to improve the well-being of our athletes. 

A major goal of the CR's program is to form relationships with local health providers, special equipment designers and other sources in the community to help those with movement disorders become aware of the help that's available to them, not only in our center, but in other programs throughout the area. Taking that first step towards something new can oftentimes be very difficult. We would like to make it easier for individuals to take that step towards a better life. 

If you are interested in participating in or supporting our program in any way, please stop in and talk to us. We look forward to seeing you. 

Best Regards, 
Kent Ward: Founder of Championship Rounds 


To learn more about our Championship Rounds program, view the video below, produced by Eighty Six Media: