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The Dull's - Josh & Ontavia

The Dull's - Josh & Ontavia photo The Dull's - Josh & Ontavia

Strength & Conditioning / Calisthenics


Occupation:  City of Groton employee

Certifications:  Bachelor's Degree of Sports Science & Fitness

Years of Experience:  Eight plus years

Experience:  Coaching youth sports, bodyweight practitioner & past competitor, training in jiu jitsu, lifting and calisthenics

Interests:  God first, family man.  Loves working out.  Came in 12th place at the World Calisthenics Competition.  Played college baseball.


Occupation:  Licensed Massage Therapist

Certifications:  Certified Nursing Assistant, Associate of Science Degree, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

Years of Experience:  LMT since 2017.

Experience:  Fitness-oriented lifestyle, lifting, calisthenics, jiu jitsu training for past eight years.

Interests:  Prioritize being a wife and a mother as family and faith are herfoundation.  Currently works in a chiropractic office.  Truly enjoys leading a life fueled by health and wellness.  Always had a passion to help others, building up people that she cross paths with and whole heartedly exemplify emotional resilience and sharing her faith that has given her the hope to keep going.